How to order?

The number of photos on the canvas to be agreed. The inscription also.
After receiving photos on the email marta.kobus@figurecrafts.com The project is made and send it by email or fb for approval or any corrections.
The price for the shipment in Sweden from 100-200 kr depending on the size. Own pick-up from Handen.
The next day’s pickup.

How does FigureCrafts take care of security issues regarding my order?

Shopping at figurecrafts.com is carried out using all possible safety precautions. All account and credit card information is processed solely via our secure server (https).

The data entered by you is used exclusively for order processing. Without your accordance no further utilization will take place. For more information, see our privacy policy.

Which payment methods does FigureCrafts offer?

The payment may be made easily and securely using Swish or PayPal.

Does FigureCrafts grant discounts for bulk orders?

When ordering a significant amount, we would be pleased to make you an offer specifically tailored to your needs. Please contact us about this.

 How do I care for my canvas?

To maintain & increase the lifespan of your canvas do not expose it to continuous, strong sunlight or moisture. Do not clean with a wet/damp cloth; a light hoover with the brush attachment will get rid of any dust on the surface.

What do the measurements given refer to?

The measurements given for the frame always refer to the size of the printed poster. This means that when, for example, you order a poster in the format 20 x 20 cm, the matching frame size with 20 x 20 cm is also stated.

Do I need to frame my picture myself after delivery?

Your canvas picture is delivered to your address framed and ready to hang. The canvas is delivered in strong cardboard boxes to ensure they are not broken during transit. If, in spite of taking the utmost care, the consignment is damaged, simply refuse delivery of the package. If the goods are damaged, please contact us.


What if I’m not happy with my product?

 As we offer a bespoke service, we will do our best to rectify the problem.  Please contact us if you have a problem.

Can I place an order and arrange for it to be sent to another address?

When entering your personal details you will be given an opportunity to say whether you wish to use your own address or supply a different delivery address. 

What kind of picture formats does FigureCrafts offer?

We process the formats JPG (jpg, jpeg), PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF. Generally your digital camera produces these formats. The file size of each image must not exceed 25 MB. If your images are larger or have a different file type please contact us.

The better quality of the picture you send us the better quality of the canvas will be. The bigger the poster size, the higher should be the resolution of your image.

Minimum image resolution required:

Print size Minimum image resolution required
81 x 51 cm 1920×2880 pixels
76 x 51 cm 1920×2880 pixels
51 x 51 cm 2051×2051 pixels
30 x 30 cm 960×1440 pixels
30 x 25 cm 960×1440 pixels
30 x 20 cm 768×1152 pixels

 File size larger then 500kB are recommended.

What do I have to keep in mind when potentially complaining?

Transport damage: If, despite the utmost care by us or our service partners, the goods delivered should be damaged, please immediately contact us.

Colour differences: Maybe on the canvas some slight colour differences will occur. This can be caused by a slightly different display of the colours on your screen. This may be due to brightness settings, resolution, contrast or your graphic card. Also the limited colour space of the print media may play a role. The grayscale for black and white poster are achieved by mixing different colours. Despite our careful printing and constant quality control a tint may occur.

Resolution: Large posters, whose artwork’s resolution is too low, may on closer inspection have a ‘grainy’ effect. That means a smaller canvas size would improve the quality.

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