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Your personalised photo printed on canvas. Everything handmade.

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About our work

This is a great idea for a personalized gift. It is unique and you can be sure that no one will have the same picture hanging on the wall. To have your own canvas print, all you need to is click on a website, upload your image and order print.

Canvas print is a simple way to turn any photo into a unique decorating item. Art on canvas is a very popular form of art liked by many people around the world, and by printing your photo on canvas you make this form of art very personal. This means that all photos you print to canvas and turn into wall art can be given to your friends and relatives as very unusual and personalised gifts.

Photo poster can be printed in two versions: black and white or coloured. Then you can choose the size. Photo on canvas will give you the impression of oil paintings.

Your photo canvas is stretched on a 2 wide stretcher frame, covered with a canvas fabric specially developed for photo canvas printing. The fabric, with a weight of 360g/m², and the frame are perfectly tailored to one another and hand-finished.

The solvent-free printing inks provide brilliant colours for your image and the side surfaces of the frame are printed over.

Pop Art Canvas

If you want unique and colorful art print on your wall, then a personal Pop Art is a brilliant solution.
Our experienced and style-conscious designer can transform all photos into super sharp and colorful Pop Art in the best Andy Warhol style. You take part of the creative process and choose your own colors & size of your art print and of course you should approve our proposal before we produce the final version.
Simply send a photo and we will do the rest.
We will draw a custom pop art portrait from your photo within 3-5 days.
You will receive a digital file .jpeg hight resolusition ready to print on canvas.

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